Monday, April 20, 2009

Tee Shirts.. Glamarella Style!

All Tee Shirts are available to purchase!
Just E-mail me the Tee Shirt Selection & Size...if available, I will send you a Paypal Invoice...

These 3 Above Tee's are the latest Spring & Summer Colors...
They run one size larger...XS-XL so ...Xl is really XXL ...for the plus size Glam Gals!

The other 2 in my Vintage Collection...
" Vintage Couture "



  1. Sherry.. I love it!!!! you must give me the name of the supplier at my email address.. and girls out there! BUY THESE TEE"S!!! Not only are the designs FABALICIOUS.. they are so so so COMFORTABLE!

  2. Got to have a Glamorama shirt- I have pay pal. I need one in small.

  3. I would love to order a Junk Love in Large. My email is

  4. I would like the Vintage Chick shirt. I usually wear a size XL. Send my info on price, shipping and availability.

  5. Do you have a "Vintage Chick" or a "Junkville" t-shirt in medium still available? Please let me know.

    Just came across this post and love them, or can you let me know alternative t's you might have?

  6. Wow, I love your t-shirts!

    Great blog, too, I have added it to my reading list.

    Have you thought of opening an Etsy store online? It's free and easy to set up - I have yet to stock mine (am frantically making new perfumes for my shop), but am pretty obsessed with everything I have purchased from there, and your goodies would fit right in!