Friday, July 3, 2009

Delicious.. New Slips!

Summertime Delicious!

I had so much fun with these Vintage Slips
The colors that I mixed together reminded me of Summer time Fruit
Sugar Glazed Desserts

Blueberry Tart

New Vintage Slip....Size 36

Layer Them with lacy Cami's......Your Favorite Jeans , Leggings
Or by itself
The Perfect Slip Dress

For Summer
Add Vintage Jewels!!

Berries & Cream....Size 36

Peach Pecan
Size ....36



Apricot Ameretto


Cinnamon Sugar
Size 36

All Vintage Slips can be purchase from my Blog through
All Vintage Slips are one of a kind
E-mail me for details